What People Say About GIGO

Jessica Artis,Esq.

Got It Goin' On® Girl Alumnae * 2002 - 2006

Jessica was a member of the Got It Goin' On® Girls: Hip Hop Fitness Team in 2004 when she joined the delegation to South Africa.  She is a recent graduate of Emory University School of Law and starting her career as a Tax Attorney.  "GIGO empowered me to pursue my dreams and showed me the importance of giving back."

Chavery McClanahan

Got It Goin' On® Girl Alumnae * 2002 - 2006


Chavery traveled to South Africa with Ms. Ferebee as a member of the Got It Goin' On® Girls: Hip Hop Fitness Team in 2004.  She is currently a Captain in the United States Air Force.  "Thank you and congratulations, Ms. Ferebee, on being a phenomenal inspiration to all of us."

Teresa Lewis

Proud Mother of Jessica Artis * Former GIGO Girl


"Helping Jessica transition from young lady to adulthood has been critical for her and who she is today.  Jessica is one of the young leaders of tomorrow.  I thank Janice and GIGO, and I'm excited about GIGO going to the next phase."

Rene Gibbons

Grateful Mother of Ebony Jackson * Former GIGO Girl

"GIGO came at a time we really needed that empowerment and influence from girls, and, from Janice Ferebee.  It allowed her to use it as a place to vent, to talk, to cry, and to learn how to use that energy.  I want to thank Janice, and look forward to everything that will be done with GIGO International."

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