Empower a girl and change her future, her community, and the world, by investing in GIGO, locally, nationally, and globally.  The support of GIGO's culturally customized, non-formal education and empowerment products, programs and services, worldwide, will help prepare girls to become peaceful, purposeful and powerful global citizens, equipped with tools to step into their greatness!


The GIGO Girls Alumnae Council, is a group of young women who have participated in GIGO programs, who come together to advise GIGO about girls issues; relevant updates and revisions to products and services; develop leadership skills; and, learn about civic engagement, global citizenship, volunteerism and philanthropy.


The GIGO Empowerment Program for Girls/GIGO GIRLS*TALK! is a culturally sensitive, gender-specific, trauma-informed program, for girls, 12-17, that promotes character development, enhances critical thinking, and accesses untapped resources of power, wisdom and imagination through an innovative curriculum that integates intellectual, social, emotional, cultural, financial, and physical development. 


GIGO Training & LicensingTwo-day training conference for adult leaders to enhance their skills and effectiveness working with girls of color.  The customized GIGO-II Facilitator's Guide and handbooks, are tools to strengthen youth serving programs.  The empowerment model offers concrete tools for helping girls reach their full potential.  As a result of this training, participants will:


  • Become familiar with the GIGO social-emotional development model

  • Enhance skills around working with adolescent girls of color

  • Learn to assess how their feelings about girls will determine the effectiveness of their program  

  • Identify key components of a culturally relevant and creative program for girls of color

  • Strengthen network of like-minded youth professionals who care for and about girls of color


Who Should Attend:  Educators, youth service providers, community and faith-based organizations & individuals


Length:  12 - 15 hours (One and one-half days)


Group Size:  Maximum 30 participants


CEU Credits:  TBD


Technical Assistance -  

Customized workshops and/or one-on-one consultation for adult leaders, to enhance their skills and effectiveness working with girls of color.


  • Mentoring Girls of Color

  • How to Start a Program for Girls of Color 

  • Customized topic sessions

    • ​Cultural Competence

    • Trauma-Informed Care


The GIGO GIRLS LITERARY PROJECT, is a writing workshop series with girls who represent important segments of the population, including some that are underserved and unnoticed, helping to re-write/update the popular GIGO-II: ANNIVERSARY EDITION (a MUST HAVE for every girl's personal library) - telling their OWN stories!


GIGO GIRLS*DANCE, is a leadership performance team for girls, 12-17, with the goal of having fun, and advocating for and speaking out about girls' issues.   They act as GIGO Empowerment & Health  Ambassadors who promote healthy choices and lifestyles through public speaking and dance performances.  This group is optional , but highly recommended for GIGO programs.

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